Thursday, 2 July 2015

Nuclear Attack on Mars

Recently I've been reading about the evidence that a nuclear attack occurred on Mars. And it looks like its intention was to wipe out an intelligent civilisation on the planet.

According to Dr John Brandenburg, a plasma physicist, there is strong evidence to suggest that there were at least two nuclear explosions on the planet's northern hemisphere. The Martian surface is covered in a thin layer of radioactive material, including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium, which radiates from those northern locations. His research is based on observations made by NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft.

Location of nuclear explosions on Mars

Dr Brandenburg's book on this subject, titled 'Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre' was published earlier this year.  I have yet to read it, but the ideas reportedly put forward in it are fascinating and I've put the book at the top of my 'must read' list.

The attack is said to have wiped out all intelligent life on Mars, which was likely, Dr Brandenburg says, to have advanced to the level of the ancient Egyptian civilisation on Earth. But why would the attacker deem such a relatively primitive civilisation a threat?  It would have been no where near the point of developing weapons of mass destruction or spaceflight capabilities. I think it's more likely that the civilisation on Mars had become very advanced, and quite likely had exceeded our own level quite significantly. It was at that point, as Martians began to send spacecraft to worlds beyond their own, that the attackers felt it was time to put an end to the Martians' ambitions.

Ancient Martians:  It's likely their civilisation was far more advanced than illustrated here

In February this year I wrote about the huge and unexplained high altitude clouds in the Martian atmosphere in my article titled 'Heavy Industry on Mars'. I speculated that such clouds may be evidence of an evacuation effort by the last surviving Martians, who had been living in vast underground facilities ever since the surface became uninhabitable. It now seems likely that they were forced underground not by natural events, but by unnatural ones.  This reinforces the need for us to prepare adequate underground shelters while we are still tied to Earth (see my article titled 'Millions Living Underground').

Perhaps the nuclear attack on Mars offers up the first evidence to prove one of the explanations of the Fermi Paradox. The reason we can't detect evidence of intelligent life in the universe is that there is a very advanced civilisation out there that is 'silencing' any other civilisation that develops to a point that could threaten them.

If Mars was indeed attacked with the intention of wiping out its civilisation, those that launched the attack may still be out there, and may well have Earth in their sights. As we extend our civilisation beyond the Earth we need to tread carefully. It's likely we are being watched, and whoever is watching may not like what they see.

Earth being 'silenced' by an extra-terrestrial nuclear attack

I'll leave you with this: there is also evidence of an ancient nuclear war on Earth many thousands of years ago. Read this highly compelling article for more detail. And then read this. It's all thought-provoking stuff.

Atomic weapons in use in ancient India

Maybe we are not the first advanced technological civilisation on Earth. Could the use of atomic weapons long ago on our planet have been an attack by the same extra-terrestrials that attacked Mars? Were humans in the process of setting up colonies away from Earth thousands of years ago when they were cruelly murdered for their efforts?

If true, there are questions that need to be answered:
  1. Which planet was attacked first: Mars or Earth?
  2. As an advanced civilisation has developed once again on Earth, is another attack imminent?
  3. Is the evidence of former human colonies beyond Earth still out there?

Whatever the answers, steps should be taken to hide our presence in the universe.